Monday, September 8, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 52

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Mommy can't believe this is my last weekly post for you two sweet girl! What an unbelievable 52 weeks! 

You girls just want to be on Mommy when I get home in the afternoons! You climb all over me and kiss and hug me!

You girls have officially started to "wrestle"! It's so cute! And you both squeal with excitement the whole time!! 

Bath time is always super fun part of the day! 

You girls think your big brother is so funny when he dumps water on his head!

Both you loved riding on the motorcycle this week and have really good balance of staying on it! 

We started brushing your teeth a couple of weeks ago and you girls just LOVE it!!! Emma Kate you have 8 teeth so far!!! Olivia, you have 4! 

We played in the pool a lot this weekend! 

You girls love crawling on Daddy too! 

Olivia, you are such a big girl now! You are now taking 12-18 steps at a time! You always look like this when you're walking...BIG smile!!! 

We've been singing Happy Birthday a lot this week to get you two ready for your BIG day next week!

You two have always been close, but you two are becoming EVEN closer(if that's even possible!) two MUST be near each other at all times...if one goes out of sight you quickly find each other! 

Hot dogs and watermelon are a favorite with both of you!

EK, you had a big weekend too! You started walking with the walker and are SO proud of yourself! You are always looking up at Mommy or Daddy for us to keep cheering you on! So cute!

Playing in Mommy's chair from when she was little!

Can't believe this is my last weekly post about you two have filled our hearts and home with SO much joy! We love you two SO very much!


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