Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Randoms :)

Life has been busy but good recently! 

The Mr. is working long hours because of it being his first year teaching. The kids and I miss him a ton but we understand.  

Most evenings are smooth for me with the kids by myself. And some evenings it's super nice to just pick up dinner and eat on the back porch and that's what we did one night last week! Everyone was happy...including Mommy! :) 

A friend of mine from work (we are on the same team) little girl came home with me one day last week to play with the kiddos. She has been begging her mom for another baby but that's not going  to happen(that's what she says!). So to make J happy she came to play with my babies! All three of them LOVED her! :) 

She was so good with them too! :) 

A new fun trick the kids love doing is taking the couch apart and crawling all over it and the floor!  Super fun! And TJH LOVES his ABC flash cards from Aunt J and Uncle T. (They gave to him when we were pregnant with him! :) )

 I ran to Target on Friday night after the kids were in bed...kind of like heaven on be alone in Target! ha! :) Well, I always walk through the clothes and shoes even if I don't have money for those things and look what I found!!! Sam&Libbys!!! I grew up wearing these and had EVERY color! I guess now they are making them for adults! There were like 6-8 different shoes by them! I text my mom as soon as I saw them! 

I'm a HUGE fan of I eat one everyday. Well, I found this at Target and just had to try it....umm YUMMY! 

Happy Monday! I hope it's wonderful for you! 

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