Sunday, September 21, 2014

Georgia Aquarium & World of Coke

Yesterday was a wonderful day! 

The Mr. told me a couple of weeks ago that the Georgia Aquarium was doing an educators day on September 20th. I was SO excited! We've wanted to take Tucker for awhile, but the tickets are pretty pricy. Well, this was PERFECT! 

We were all locked and loaded and on the road by 8am! (I was pretty proud of ourselves!) Tucker was so excited! One of his favorite books is Curious George at the Aquarium, so he was very aware that his was exciting! We talked about what were going to see on the way there. 

EK was excited about going but was super excited about her apple!

The girls fell asleep and got a good 30 minute morning nap on the way!

The check-in was so simple! All we did was show our teacher IDs and they gave us a band and we were in! 

Tucker was really nervous at first. He didn't really want to go up to the first couple of tanks...but he warmed up quick and was so excited!

A sweet lady took our picture and after she was done she showed us her twin 9 year old sons! :) 

I packed lunch for the kiddos and it was perfect because whenever they got hungry we just stopped and let them eat! :) Owie was SO excited to walk around everywhere...she pitched a fit when we would put her back in the stroller after some walking time. 

Probably my favorite picture and moment from the day. They all three just loved looking at the fish! 

Tuck was SO excited to see a real life Nemo!

The girls loved riding around and looking. EK even pointed above her head when she saw the fish over top of us! 

SO much fun! All three had a wonderful time! The Mr. and I enjoyed seeing them get so excited and experience something new! 

After the Aquarium we played in the park/grass area and then headed over to the World of Coke! We skipped the history part and headed straight to the refreshment area! ;) 

Livi Cay prancing around in her dress! We just HAD to put them in their Little Mermaid dresses for the aquarium! :) 

After some yummy Coke we headed to the playground in Centennial Olympic Park. 

As soon as we got on the interstate TJH  and Livi Cay were fast asleep! :) We had so much fun and I loved spending time with the people I love the most without any other distractions! 

I'm also so thankful that companies show appreciation to educators. It's nice to have some perks every once in a while! :) 

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