Tuesday, September 15, 2015

L's 30th!

If you've read for my blog at all you know I have the three best friends in the whole world. I met these ladies in college through our sorority and we have been SO close since then! We don't get to see each other as much as we would like now that we have jobs, families and babies but we do get to see each other often and when we do it's always a blast!

L turned 30 last week! Her family rented a beach house for the week...we are all invited to come too! We made the trip down for a long weekend...it was a BLAST!

The three of us headed out Thursday afternoon after a 1/2 day of work for me and H. We had a blast on the way down because we talked and laughed and made funny videos all the way there!

This was not rehearsed! We just did it like this the first time and couldn't stop laughing after! 
We met the rest of the gang at The Red Bar and then headed to another place for dinner! 

Then we went back to the house and played Cards Against Humanity...such a funny game! 

Friday when we woke up it was pouring down rain! UGH! But o well, we were still at the beach with our best friends! We decided to go to PCB for the day! We headed to Pier Park for lunch and fun! 

We had so much fun! 

Saturday was over cast but no rain so we headed to the beach for a couple of hours! 

None of us thought we had gotten sun because it wasn't out but we did get some color! 

Saturday night we went into SeaSide and had dinner and ice-cream! 

I am so thankful for these ladies! But even more thankful for my husband who kept all 3 kiddos by himself so I could have some time away with my best friends! 

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