Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's GREAT to be a GEORGIA Bulldawg!

Saturday was a big day for us and for our town! It's college football season! WHOOP! And the Dawgs had their first game! This season is extra special to us because my dear friend L's daughter is a cheerleader! We hung out with them at the cheer tailgate! It was a blast! 

L found the girls cheerleading uniforms last Spring and we couldn't wait for them to wear them! :) 

We hung out for a few minutes and then the cheerleaders arrived on the back of the trucks and did a few cheers for us all! 

Tucker LOVES C! He thought it was so cool that she was with Harry Dawg too! 

Such a pretty girl inside and out! :) 

The girls loved it too...they were a little scared with all of the noise and clapping but they loved it too! 

Tuck was a little nervous at first to go up to Harry but L kind of pushed him up and then he got so excited to meet Harry Dawg! 


I miss seeing this lady everyday at school but really love our morning talks about three days a week! :) 

The cheerleaders left the tailgate to head to the Dawg Walk so we headed to see our friends C and L at their tailgate. I forgot to take a picture but we enjoyed hanging out with them! 

Didn't take long for this little Dawg to fall asleep! 

I see a future Dawg! :)  GO DAWGS! 

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