Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

We've enjoyed our long weekend! 

After tailgating with the cheerleaders Saturday morning we went back home and played! 

These girls didn't want to take their uniforms off! 

Bathtime sweetness! 

Ethel still has her bows in from being groomed...the kids LOVE them think it's so cute! 

We tried a church on Sunday. The kids did great going to Sunday School! We didn't dislike the church...just not for us. We were a lot younger then the people there and it was kind of stale feeling. We already have another one in mind to try next time. 

These sisters are the sweetest! They are always showing each other love! Of course there are moments of screaming and not sharing but the good out weighs the bad for sure! 

After church on Sunday we ate lunch and took naps. I took a 2 hour nap with TJH...I guess I was tried! ha! After naps we played outside and got super dirty! ha! 

Eating homemade popsicles with our neighbor E!

Monday we played outside all morning with the neighbor kids and TJH rode a four-wheeler for the first time and LOVED it! 

All 6 of the kiddos! It's so fun to have neighbors that have children around the same ages as our kiddos! 

Z and TJH! 

Then later in the afternoon we took the girls 2 year pictures! And then TJH and I went to get him some new shoes!

Shoe shopping calls for a quick ice cream treat for this good boy! 

He ended up with the New Balances! Love my little frat boy! 

We had a wonderful long weekend even though it flew by! 

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