Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sweet Sunday!

So we've been church shopping! ha! We think we might have found a good fit for us! We went Sunday and really enjoyed the sermon and loved how the kids department is done. The kiddos really enjoyed it and when we picked them up they were so excited! The Mr. and I really got a lot out of the sermon and LOVED the music. So we will keep visiting to see if it's the one for us! :) 

After church we swung through DD for a quick after-church treat! 

When we got home it was our normal Sunday...play, clean up and get ready for the week! This week I baked too! Banana bread muffins and some with chocolate chips! And chocolate chip cookies! I wanted to make chili too but don't think my stomach is ready for that yet. Tucker helped me bake the cookies! :) 

We watched a little Frozen too because the weather was so yucky!

It was a great Sunday! 

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