Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Fun!

We've been on Summer break for one week and have had a blast so far!

I was done with work last Wednesday but the kids still had two more days of school.

I got tons of errands done and stuff done that the kiddos wouldn't enjoy. The Mr. and I snuck in a date which was super fun!

Friday was the kids last day at Kids R Kids...we have LOVED everything about their school and have been SO happy with it. We were SO sad to leave. But with us moving and me moving schools we needed to find a school for them that's closer. We are praying that the kiddos will have wonderful teachers like they had at Kids R Kids at their new school 

Friday night the B family had a kick off to Summer cook out! It was a blast! The kids swam, caught frogs, at corn dogs and played ball! 

Between the two of us we have 6 babies! And it's so much fun! 

Livi took a break in little L's chair and also used his passy! hahaha!

K with two of her boys! 

Tuck thinks L is SO cool! :) 

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market...does this surprise you!? 

After the market and park we went home and took naps because we were hitting up the Splash Pad for the first time of the season! 

We met up with the D family and some other school friends for some fun! 
EK LOVED it and went out to adventure with T Man...but Olivia did not like it. She wanted me to hold her the entire time. I'm not sure if things will be different next time with Daddy there. 

These two had a blast though in the water!

You can't really tell how high this is but it's super high and T wasn't scared at all! 

These two BIG brothers had a blast together! 

And of course we had to get a pic of all 6 kiddos and the girls in their matching dresses! 

Sunday some really good friends of ours stopped through! We were so excited to have them for the morning. We cooked a big brunch and then played and played! 

After naps we played outside and ate pistachios. 

These two are so much fun to watch play together! 

Monday morning EK and I went out together. We had to fill out paperwork at the ENT for her tubes. Then we went to Walmart. She was SO good the whole time and really enjoyed the one-on-one did I! :) 

We headed out to the Mr.'s school to check on the school garden that he's in charge of. 

The kiddos loved picking the veggies! 

Who knows when this was....but these three are so fun! 

Tuesday morning we took Ethel to the vet to get groomed. And TJH and I were going to pick up some donuts to take home...we went in to order and while standing in line he insisted that we sit and eat our donuts together. :) We of course took home for the girls and Daddy but we had a little date first! :) 

M's family is in town this week so we did a really fun water afternoon with the pool, Slip n Slide and water table! We all had a blast! 

Tucker loves B so much! We were so glad they were in town so our kiddos could see them again! :) 

This child has NO fear! :) 

Before bed Tuesday night! :) These two are SO sweet! 

And today I did my in-take for my new job! So exciting! The girls were so excited when I got home. 

We are so blessed to have had such a fun first week of summer! Love these four people so much and am so thankful I get to spend the summer home with them! 

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  1. Looks like a super fun summer so far!!! You have a beautiful family! Miss you! Wish we lived closer and could get our kiddos together!!!