Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ear Tubes for EK

Emma Kate had her ear tubes put in today! It went PERFECT! We had only heard positive things about ear tubes...but of course as parents were were super nervous because she had to be put to sleep! 

It was so smooth and the place was great that we did it at! Of course we already knew her ENT but we didn't know the nurses and all at this place...but they were amazing! 

We had to arrive at 6:30AM....I just picked her up out of bed and changed her and we were on our way. She couldn't eat after midnight so no breakfast or milk before going. 

We had to do a little paperwork and get her signed in and pay. And then we waited like 5 minutes before going back. 

Once we went back she had to change tops...this was the only thing that made her mad! :) 

She got her little hear rate monitor on and got a Frozen sticker for being such  champ! 

They gave her a little medicine for her heart and all. And then we waited a little bit. 

She was so good at waiting. She talked a little...wanted to look at pics of sister on my phone and of course cuddle. 

She did ask for snack and juice a couple of times but didn't ever get upset about that. 

She was so funny about the heart rate monitor...she liked it and thought it was cool but made some silly mad faces at it! :) 

Daddy came and waited with us right before they took her back. He stayed back with Livi so that M (our amazing neighbor) didn't have to come to our house super super early. 

They cuddled for like 5 min and then they came to take her back. She cried for a few seconds as they took her away. They took us (me and the Mr.) to a little waiting room and we both used the restroom and then her doc came in....she was only back for  a total of 10 min! We were so impressed! He did warn us that she would be super cranky and scream as she came out of the anesthesia but when we got to her she wasn't crying at all and never did! The nurses said this never happens and kept on bragging about how good she was doing. We just cuddled with her for about 20 min and had her drink some juice and then we left. We arrived at the place at 6:30am and left at 8:45am! So smooth and quick! And when we got home she ate and played a ton with Livi and then they took naps at normal time. :) 

Thank you to all of our friends and the Mr.'s family for praying of her and texting and calling us today. We have really felt your prayers and love! 

We are excited for her to feel better and for her hearing to improve!:) 

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