Thursday, June 11, 2015

Splash Pad Fun!

We have an awesome Splash Pad in our town! We love going to it! We even had the girls 1st birthday there(even though it was too cold for most of the party guests to get in the water)! Last year the girls really enjoyed it and they weren't even walking yet. 

This year has been super fun too! Expect Miss Livi Cay does NOT like it at all! I thought the first time we went it was because I was by myself and she didn't get a lot of my attention. So the second time we went the Mr. was with us and she still screamed the entire time! We think it's maybe the water that could get in her face, loud nosies and lots of kids? Well, hopefully she will like it again next year. 

This is what Livi did a lot of...trying to get out! 

These two love it! 

T and W love getting challenges from W's mommy!  She tells them to do different things and they take off! :) 

We brought my best friend H and her daughter B to the Splash Pad took B some time to warm up but she had a lot of fun too! 

This boy is part fish!

The third time we went we left Livi at home with Daddy. She had a blast at home with Daddy and we had so much fun with the D family, C family and P family! :) 

We love that we have this cheap gem here in our town that provides tons of fun!

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