Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun times in PTC!

After EK had her tubes we came down to see family and celebrate cousin A's 3rd birthday! 

TJH got picked up a few days early so that we would have more hands for EK during her surgery and all. It was his first time going to G and Pa's without us...he didn't miss us one bit! He had a blast with G, Pa, Aunt A and AMS!!! We missed him like crazy!!
He just hugged and hugged us when we got there! Such a sweet boy! 

We went on a golf cart ride our first evening...Livi decided that she didn't want to wear her shoes....we ended up at our distention with just one shoe. So after we got home and I got the girls in bed I went back to look for her shoe...thank goodness someone placed it here for me to find! 

Morning boat shopping online for Pa and Olivia! :)

EK found the dress up stuff and is having a blast with it! :) 

These girls are the sweetest...I didn't tell them to do this at all...they just are always showing each other love...and we were playing in the playroom and they just started hugging! :) 

We met Honey for lunch and then cookies on Thursday afternoon! The kiddos had a ball with her! 

Tucker has mastered his scooter since Christmas! So much that he might even be better then Daddy! They had a blast the other evening on the golf cart paths! 

Friday we went to the B's house for swim and play time! We love going and seeing the kiddos that I used to babysit! :) They have out grown their power wheels and gave them to us...our kids are in heaven and think they are the COOLEST ever!!! 

Rocking my baby girls before bed...they love sitting like this! :)

At lunch they decided to feed each other their yogurt! 

Tucker and Daddy were doing some boy stuff so me and the girls went on a little date! We took the golf cart to get some frozen yogurt! They thought it was so yummy!

Mowing the lawn together! 

We made a quick run to the store to pick up some things for Daddy's Father's Day presents and the Starbucks lady gave the girls water in little frap cups...they thought it was SOOO cool! 

Such a fun time so far! 

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