Monday, June 22, 2015

More Fun Times in PTC!

We are still here and having a blast! :) 
How many girls do you see in the window?

It's been SOO hot! Sprinkler fun has been great!

Quick walks in the shade! 

Lots of fun with this handsome dude!

We enjoyed the time we had with Aunt B  while she was here before she headed to her next destination. 

We drove by my childhood home. It's changed so much since when we lived there. 

This girl has required A LOT of attention...we think it's a combo of getting used to actually hearing things clearly and not being at home. 

The kiddos love all the different toys at G and Pa's house. 

This boy is so sweet...I think he gets sweeter by the day! :) 

Daddy got the girls up from their nap and gave them a snack! :)

I finally found my name and spelled correctly!! Just need the second half to my double name. 

The girls watching Mr and TJH work on the back patio...the Mr. is re doing the back patio for GMama!

We made a Sam's run and these girls love the double cart! 

A couple doors down from G and Pa is a sweet family and they have two precious is the same exact age as TJH! They have been having a blast together! 

We had a great day yesterday celebrating our wonderful fathers! I couldn't be with mine but we talked and will see each other soon! 

The kiddos loved giving the Mr. his cards that they picked out! 

The Mr. will be getting lots of new plants for our new yard...he can't wait to make our new yard beautiful! 
Lovin' on their Daddy! 

We have a busy week ahead so we will post about all of that later...but until now we are still enjoying our summer together! :) 

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