Monday, August 4, 2014

2 and HALF!

This sweet handsome boy turns 2.5 today!!

I cannot believe he's already half way through being 2! I thought I would do an update post since I haven't done one in awhile. :)

Here are some fun things about our 2.5 year little (big) boy:
-TJH is very into trains and dump trucks. He loves to build tracks with Daddy and use his dump truck to pick up and dump toys. 
-He still is kind of a picky eater but some of his favorite foods are: oatmeal, any kind of fruit, rice, salad, chicken, yogurt and hotdogs.
-He now sleeps in a big boy bed(like a Queen size bed) and has done great with it! He still takes one long nap during the day and sleeps 12-13 hours at night.
-He still has his passy at night and in the car. He will cry for it during the day but we really really try not to give it to him. 
-Tuck enjoys playing with his sisters and showing them his trucks and trains. He still doesn't understand completely how to be gentle with them so they have gotten a few bumps from him.
-He's sweetest boy ever...he loves to hug and kiss us and will tell us that he loves us randomly. :)
-Tucker enjoys playing outside a lot! He likes to ride his bike, play in the kiddie pool or play with the doggies. 
-The shows he enjoys watching are Curious George, Thomas the Train, or Daniel Tiger.
-He LOVES to read! He will ask us to read to him or he will read independently a lot throughout the day. Some of his favorite books are: "Go, Dog. Go!", "Curious George", "Little Blue Truck", "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish",  and any "Little Critter" books, and many many more!
- He repeats EVERYTHING you say!! "O my josh!" is a favorite of mine!
-TJH's vocabulary is great! He can communicate almost everything he needs to us and others. There are a few moments when we have no idea what he's saying. :)

TJH is a true 2 year old for sure! He's full of energy, independence and a few moments here and there that are "terrible twoish". More than any of that he's a wonderful boy who loves life a lot and loves all the people around him A LOT!

We are so blessed to have such a big boy on our hands!

We love you Tucker John! 

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