Monday, August 11, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 48

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

This week was your first week with Aunt Cee as your Nanny! It was a great week! You girls love having her take care of you two! She was so great about taking lots of pictures of you two! 

And she dressed you in cute outfits too! 

Olivia, you really started standing A LOT this week! And for a long amount of time! 

In the afternoons after Mommy takes Aunt Cee home we try to do something super fun together! Daddy's been working really late since it's his first year teaching. We went for a walk one day and it was pretty hot but you girls had some ice and you loved being outside!

We had a cool morning so Aunt Cee and Dall took you outside for some cute pics!

Owie, you got another tooth this week so you had some fussy moments.

Daddy brought in the mail and let you girls look through it! :) 

O, you wanted your blankie a lot one day this week and Mommy thinks that's so sweet! 

Friday afternoon the rain came girls loved watching it with Tucker. 

Saturday morning we went to the Farmers Market! You girls enjoyed some blueberry scone and a few bits of Tuck's honey pop!

Y'all turned 11 months old on Saturday too!

Olivia, you walked for the very first time on Saturday...on your 11 month birthday!
Sunday we got ready for the upcoming week! Olivia, you got to go with Tucker and Mommy to the pet store! And you helped Mommy pick out some fish for my classroom! 

 Then we played at home all afternoon!

Lucy was letting you love on her! :)

EK, you keep doing this funny position...we think you are wanting to stand like your sister! :)

What a wonderful week! We love you two girls SOO very much!


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