Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School for Me!

So sorry for the week long absence on the blog! My students came back last Monday! So needless to say I've been busy! :) Here a few pictures of my new room...yes, I moved! Just next door though. :) 

I saw later that the orange poster was falling off...o well...real life! I kind of have gone away from my ocean theme...but I just have a few things that are ocean themed for the beginning of the year. I am now just doing bright colors! 

Desk ready for First Day of School!

Front of my classroom

Student work will hand there soon!

One of my favorite parts of my classroom...tons of pictures of my family and friends and copies of my diplomas to show my kiddos. :)

Back of the room
Walls a pretty bare right now but will soon be filled with student work!

I have two student teachers this semester! M on the left was with my in the Spring and so she is doing her full time student teaching with me! We are like peanut butter and jelly! She is going to be an awesome teacher! C is on the right...and she is my Block III...so she is with us on Monday and Wednesdays...she is SO sweet and I'm looking forward to getting to know her! 

L is back in 2nd grade! And I couldn't be happier!! She did EIP last year and was amazing at it but they needed her back in the classroom. And she is right next door in my old room. We just flipped rooms basically! I really do miss J...she moved to 3rd grade. But she is still on the same hall! 

The school year has started off great! I have 21 students. And they are sweet! One of the first week activities I do every year is read The Rainbow Fish and we talk about how all of us is different but that's what makes us so special and we can share our differences with each other to make a perfect class. So they write down 3 things that are unique about themselves and of course we add glitter and then we hang this and it will stay up all year. :) 

I'm going to really try to take more pictures of things I do with my students this year. :) 

So, here's to a great year...year number 6! 

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