Monday, June 16, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 40

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

You girls have had so much fun at the beach! We spent most of the week at the was a long and wonderful vacation! 

You girls turned 9 months old on Monday and we took your weekly pictures on the beach! :) 

Monday at the beach we headed to the Good Will and found some good finds! All the shopping wore you girls out! :)

EK you thought you were such a big girl riding in Tucker's stroller! 

You girls just love playing with your big brother and you two don't mind if he plays rough with you. We are always telling Tucker to be gentle with you two and he is for the most part, but you girls don't mind if he rolls you two around and blows raspberries on your tummies! :)

We spent a lot of time at the pool and beach! 

Mommy enjoyed her coffee while you enjoyed your bottle Owie!

And you did some morning yoga! :) 

EK, you don't hold your own bottle but this past week you've done it for a few minutes during different feedings. :) Big girl!

Before we left the beach I wanted to make sure I got some good pictures of the three of you kiddos...and we got THE perfect picture of you three!

You girls did so good in your stroller when we went to a lot of different places while at the beach! You two love playing with toys, looking around and sleeping in your stroller! 

We thought this was too funny...Tuck was playing with GMama's phone and EK you were playing with a large calculator. ha!

Last night at the beach was spent on the bay side eating dinner and walking around! 

Thursday we headed back to PTC. You girls did great in the car. You only had about 15 minutes that wasn't fun. 

Friday we spent hanging out at GMama and Pa's house. And we did have Great Grandma H over for lunch too. 

Saturday was a fun day too! Our friends B and C came over for a play date and we went to see Honey and Cee!

Sunday was Father's Day! We gave Daddy a present and a card in the morning and then we headed back home! You girls did great in the car...slept most of the way! 

Then we just played, unpacked and were sweet to Daddy the rest of the day!

What another wonderful week! Finished up our amazing beach vacation and headed back home! 

You two girls are great travelers and love to visit and see people. 
We love you two so very much!

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