Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back at Home Sweet Home

There is always a slight depression when coming home from vacation. But our kiddos have LOVED being home. They love their beds, toys, high chairs, and having all of us and the doggies in one place!

This is a great way for me to fold a load of laundry! After naps I put them all three in a crib with some toys and get some clothes folded! :)

Tucker has loved playing with his trains. We took a few trains on vacation but he didn't have any tracks so we have been setting up all different kinds of tracks this week!

Silly boy wearing rain boots, a hat and not shorts while swinging! 

Tucker has transitioned so well into his big boy bed!

We are so excited because my sister K (Tucker calls her Dall) moved here while we were gone...she is going to UGA in the fall! WHOOP! We've seen her a couple of times this week...we welcomed her to town Monday morning with a BIG breakfast! 

The girls have enjoyed jumping this week!

I started T25 this week and am LOVING it! It's the PERFECT work out for me! I did the first 5 week of Insanity and loved it, but the works out are WAY too long! T25 is just as intense but only 25 minutes which is what I need! I've been doing it every evening after putting all the kiddos to bed. 

Tucker and I had a date one morning this week! We met J and T at Waffle House and then we went to Storytime at the library! So fun!

Tucker was excited to show his sisters the books we checked out! 

The girls think Tucker's new bed is SOOO cool! (It's the same bed, we just converted it.)

Lucy and Ethel have been so sleepy this week. They had so much fun at G and Pa's house with Coral and Katie!

Olivia got her first real boo boo...she was pulling up on the fire place and scraped her nose. We have pads on the edges of the fire place but she scraped it on the side of the fire place. 

Tucker was enjoying watching Daddy change a light outside. And later today we will enjoy a day at the pool! So being home as been nice. I know in a couple of weeks we will be dreaming we were on vacation again! ha! :) 

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