Monday, June 30, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 42

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Another great week of summer! Mommy LOVES being home with you two!! 

Sweet girls going for a drive!! 

Cee stayed the week with us! And Dall came over a lot to play too! :)

I love drinking my morning coffee and looking at you sweet girls! 

Owie, you LOVE to stand up in your crib!! This you one night this week when Mommy was feeding EK! 


We've played in the kiddie pool a lot this week! 

And eaten a lot of watermelon!

Our friends stopped for a quick visit! We love that we both have older boys and younger TWIN girls! :) 

Owie, right before Mommy took this picture you had taken EK's bottle out of her hands! 

We went to the Splash Pad with the W's! So fun!

Then later that day our good friends came for a play date! You girls LOVED watching A and TJH play and you thought E is SOOO cute! :) 

Mommy started potty training TJH so Daddy and Cee were in charge of your bath cute! Sink Baths!! 

We are going to have to lower your crib even more Olivia Cay! 

You girls LOVE your Cee! She played and helped with you girls a lot this week! 

We spent a lot of time at home this weekend because we started potty training your big brother. And you girls didn't like the fact that Mommy had to be with TJH every moment for 3 days! (3 day potty training method)

So Mommy spent every moment I could with you two! :) 

Olivia you LOVE to take apart TJH's train tracks! :) 

But you also love to play babies with your big brother too!

O, you have mastered pulling up this week! And you LOVE to do it! You thought Mommy and Daddy had put the computer on the fire place just for you to pull up on to watch church on Sunday. ;)

Sunday we watched church from home. 

You girls tried your new pouches! They are great because we can put whatever in them and they are reusable! 

Dall came over to play and took these pictures because all three of you were on Mommy at once! :) 

You girls ended the week with a long bath...which you two love! EK, you LOVE to kick! O, you even tried to pull up on in the bath tub! 

Goodness, you girls are so much fun! We love being your parents and love spending every minute with you two!


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