Monday, June 9, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 39

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a week! Your very first vacation! You spent the whole week at the beach with your Mommy, Daddy, Tucker, GMama, Pa, Aunt A and cousin A! And then Uncle B and his girlfriend came for a quick visit at the end of the week. You girls LOVED the pool, sand and ocean!

One of your favorite things to do was to be pushed along side of the ocean and fall asleep in your stroller! Lots of naps were spent on the beach! 

We were so glad we got you girls your own little fans to have on when you were sitting in your strollers. 

You girls were so good every time we went out to eat too!

Our condo had a mirror wall and you girls loved talking to each other and to yourself in the mirror!

You two played a lot with your big brother and your big cousin!

Talking and playing with GMama at the pool!

Aunt A gave you two the cutest hats! They were great because they covered your sweet faces from the sun!

Emma Kate you LOVED the sand and really played in it. Owie, you wanted to eat the sand a lot! 

We took lots of walks on the beach...this was one morning...Olivia you walked with Mommy and EK you walked with Aunt both fell asleep and had your morning naps on us! :) 

It didn't take you two long to fall asleep each night because of all the fun you both had during the day!

We took some family pictures and you girls were so good for them! 

You two loved playing in the beach wagon! Silly EK with your bathing suit bottoms on your didn't want to wear your hat! 

You girls had a lot of yummy juicy watermelon this week!

EK, you really starting moving around more this did a lot of splits and can now move around in the sitting position. You did start to scoot backwards on your tummy. 

EK, I'm starting to believe you might look a little like me. :) 

Mommy had so much fun dressing you this week in all your cute bathing suits and outfits!

Your big brother loved catching rides back up to the condo on your stroller!

We are so thankful for GMama and Pa! They love you two so very much! And without these two people you two wouldn't have had your first beach trip! SO much fun!

What a week! You girls are true Hammarlunds...beach lovers! It was so much fun to experience all of this with you two sweet girls this week! We look forward to many more beach vacations with you two little ladies! 

We love you so very much!

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