Monday, June 23, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 41

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a fun week we had! This whole week was spent at home, but you girls love being home so it was great!

You girls love when TJH gets in halls bed and plays with you two after naps! And Mommy gets laundry folded! :) 

You girls love watching Tucker play with his trains...and you two love to eat the trains too! 

Tucker was showing you how the ducky works! 

While we were on vacation Aunt Dall moved into town! You girls love having her so close now! :) 

You girls still love to jump! 

Tucker and Mommy went to the library and he picked out some books for you girls to read too! 

Tucker is now sleeping in a big boy bed and you girls think it's pretty cool! 

You girls had your 9 month well visit. Y'all were playing with each others feet while we waited! 

Emma Kate: 19 lbs 13.8oz 28 inches long
Olivia: 19lbs 4.6oz 27 3/4 inches long

EK, you give the funniest looks! :) 

EK, you also started to clap this week! It's really cute! 

Olivia, you got your first real boo boo this week. :( You are starting to pull up on things and you pulled up on the fire place and then fell. You scraped your nose pretty bad. But you only cried for a few minutes. You're a tough girl!

Emma Kate, you got TWO teeth this week!!! And when we went for your well-visit the day before you bottom two teeth came in, the doc said you have 6 teeth that are ready to come in! 

Both of you girls started to sign "more" this week! :) We are working on "more" "eat" and "all done".

Owie took this photo of you with Daddy's help! :) 

Owie selfies!

Friday we went to the local Splash Pad! M went with us! EK, you LOVED every minute of the Splash Pad!! Olivia, you liked it for a few minutes but you wanted Mommy to hold you and you also got pretty tired while we were there. 

Snack time! :) 

Saturday morning started out so sweet! Owie, you were trying to wake your sister up to play! :) Daddy is going to lower your crib ASAP! 

Then we headed out to the Farmers Market! 

You girls showed Aunt Dall how great the market is! It was her first time going! :) 

Such a big girl! You are so proud of yourself for pulling up!

Ruffle butts! 

Getting the last drop! 

EK, you are getting so much better about Olivia getting in your personal space! :) 

Sunday morning Mommy went out of town for a night and Daddy kept all three of you kiddos! He said you girls were so good! When I asked if you girls missed me he did say you girls were saying mama! :)

What a great week back at home with you two sweet girls! You're both starting to do so much more and communicate more with us! We love how different you two are. It's so much fun seeing how you two react to things and how you are starting to play more together!

We love you so very much!

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