Monday, June 2, 2014

EKH & OCH Week 38

Dear girls,

First week of summer was a hit with you two! Lots of pool time and lots of fun play time! :)

Monday morning you girls were officially 37 weeks two spent 37 weeks in and now have been out for 37 weeks! 
We are so thankful for the wonderful healthy 37 weeks we have had with you sweet girls!

Monday was Memorial Day! We spent lots of time in the pool! 

We played in our pool at home and then we went to Mrs. L's pool!

You girls had blast!! 

We played at home a lot this week which was SO nice! Olivia, you are crawling EVERYWHERE!! You especially love following your brother! And you love going to his secret hideout (the closet!)! 

EK, you've started to move backwards a little bit. You still just love to sit and play!

Owie, you woke up from your nap early on afternoon and you got to bake with Mommy and Daddy!

Wearing your brothers hat!

EK, you don't mind at all when Daddy cuts your nails! At home manicure!

TJH is so great with sharing and showing you girls how toys work! He also loves taking pictures of you two girls with Mommys phone! :)

You girls LOVE to jump! And it's even more fun to jump while Daddy reads to you!

EK, you played on Mommy and Daddy's bed while Mommy packed for the beach.

Olivia, you look just like your Uncle B! :) Which is a good thing, he's a good looking guy! :) 

We went to G and Pa's house on Thursday to play and see some friends before heading down to the beach!

G spoils you girls with fun finds! She got your girls some new toys for the beach trip but of course we had you two try them out before we left!

Friday we spent time on the golf cart! You girls LOVE it!

Cee and Dall came to visit too! And we went to Target! EK, you rode in the buggie for the first time! 

Saturday we saw lots of friends! 

Owie, wearing your cute outfit that Honey made you! :)

We went to Chick-fil-A to have breakfast with the G's!

You girls loved seeing them!

Then we headed out on the golf cart later in the day to see the A's! They came in town for a little bit and we got to see them!

Saturday night we finished packing for the beach! EK, you stayed up super late! We think it was because of your allergies, teething and excitment!

Sunday we headed out to the beach! You girls did SOOO good in the car!! 

EK, you got Mommy's hair!! :)

We made it to the beach and you girls LOVE the pool and the ocean. We are looking forward to a fun trip with you girls!

We love you two girls SO much! You are bright bright sunshines in our lives! 

love you two girls,

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