Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We are here!!

I promise we are alive! I've had some problems with my computer...this happens about once a year because of the amount of photos I have on my computer/phone! But I think I got some of it worked out so now I can blog again!

We've had a great month since I last blogged! Well, expect for the past week! All three kiddos got Strep Throat...but we are on the mend and ready for Thanksgiving Break! 3 more school days!! 

I'll try to re-cap the last month with some photos and info! :)

This sweet girl is showing us her true "2's"! ha! But we still love her so much! She LOVES the new Zoobies books she got from our dear friends for her birthday! Of course she shares with EK! :) 

Sometimes shirts come off for dinner! ha! 

EK is really blossoming in the speech department. I was very worried about this because of her short term hearing loss but she is catching up fast and she talks non stop! We are thankful her tubes worked/working! 

We headed to PTC for Halloween/The Great Georgia Air Show! The Mr. and I have gone many many times to the air show but this was the kids first time and it was SO fun! And it was extra special because the Blue Angles were there! SO cool! I saw them as a kid and they are just as cool as an adult! 

The kids dressed up at school for Halloween too! Olivia was Minnie too but didn't want a picture that early! :) 

Eating popcorn in Pa's chair! 

While in PTC we visited a very very dear friend and her family! We try to see them overtime we go home! And we got to visit them in their new home that is BEAUTIFUL!

Only baby that slept the whole way home from PTC...smart kid! 

Two of the Four Buck-A-Roos!

Eating bacon at G and Pa's!

We had a little photo boomer on the way to the air show!

We loved having great seats at Pa's hanger! 

Happy Halloween from the Hammar Kiddos!

LK came for trick-or-treating! The girls didn't make it because they were exhausted from all the air show fun! But Tuck was awesome at trick-or-treating! 

What a fun weekend!

The girls had PJ day at school! Such cuties!
This happens the 30 seconds I'm in the garage unloading the car! hahaha!

Tucker LOVES Publix...those free cookies get him every time! :)

We had great friends over for a super fun night of kids playing and dancing and us catching up! We love you H, KT and BB!

Can you spot 3 babies!?!?

We had a evening event at school so in between my team and I went out to dinner. We went for Mexican and I was excited because we haven't had a chance to find a new local Mexican place that we love. Well, I found it! This was AMAZING! It was a quesadilla with shrimp, steak and chicken! 

$5 pizza night is so great for busy weeks! Whew! ha!

I will try to fully fix my computer problem so I can blog regularly! Thanks for still reading! ha! :)

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