Sunday, November 22, 2015

Busy week and Beginning of Thanksgiving Break!

Last week was a busy one with getting ready to leave town, school stuff and plans!

Wednesday night before M went to work she stopped by to see the kiddos! They were SO excited!

And later that evening we had friends over who are expecting twins and they have a son the same age as Tucker was when we had the girls! They had lots of questions! :) 

Friday was Book Character Day at school! 

Then Friday evening the girls and I hit the road for PTC. Tucker is upset in this picture because he wasn't coming until Sunday. 

Saturday morning started with DD holes and a fun adventure on the golf cart! 

After naps we played inside! 

Saturday evening Tucker and the Mr. went to the UGA game! It was TJH's first game and he loved it! 

Sunday morning us ladies went to church! 

When we got home from church TJH and the Mr. had arrived and already gone to purchase TJH's first fishing pole! 

This is just the beginning of a great Thanksgiving Break!

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