Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Part 2

The rest of our Thanksgiving break after Thanksgiving Day was great too! Cousin A was in town to play with! 

G got the kiddos matching Christmas pjs! 

Silly sweet kids! 

Saturday morning was our last day in PTC and we used every minutes wisely! :)

Us girls got on the golf cart right after breakfast to see the big cousins fish! 

Then we headed to the playground! 

We ate a quick lunch and then hit the road! 

All three slept most of the way home! 

Then we unpacked and went outside to play with the neighbors!
The Mr. went to the UGA/GA Tech game with friends! 
To say the last it was a great great break! And we are so excited that in 3 more weeks we will be off for 2 more weeks of fun! So blessed to both be teachers and be off together with our kiddos!

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