Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Annual Fall Family Weekend!

We've been doing this tradition for the past 4 years! We look forward to it every year! We go to my Dad and R's house and enjoy fall fun!

Before we hit the road!

Our first stop was Grandma R's office! The kids needed to help her with some cases! :)

We grilled hotdogs and played outside the first night!

Front porch playin'

Saturday we got up (well the kids got up super early...5am!) and got ready for Gold Rush! 

When we came back we played outside some more! All three kids were asleep by 4:30pm...exhausted! 

I've been back into running! WHOOP! My Dad's neighborhood is less than .5 miles away from a great winery.  I went and ran the winery and it was a beautiful run! 

My sister B and her boyfriend came for dinner and it was so great to catch up! 

LK and C were there the whole weekend too and we loved spending time with them!

Plans changed a bit on Sunday...Tucker woke up not feeling well and had a fever. So we packed up and headed to the pumpkin patch early and then headed home. 

We did the hayride and the kiddos loved it! 

We found the perfect pumpkin! 

Best we could get for a family picture!

These girls loved all the huge pumpkins!

All three kiddos were asleep with in 10 minutes of our ride home! 

It was a super good weekend to be with family and do fun all activities! Can't wait for next year! 

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