Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sickness and Cuteness!

Like I said in my last post...we had a lot of sickness in the past week or so but we still have 3 cute kids! :) 
We are really loving the church we have been visiting! The kids love it too! Which is awesome! This past Sunday the girls walked right into their room and waved to us! :) 

The weekend before all the kids got sick we went to a super fun birthday party for sweet O! His mom K is one of my best friends and she always does the CUTEST parties! O's was a UGA cooking/baking theme party! The kids made mini pizzas and got to decorate their cupcakes! 

Last Monday the girls came down with 103 fevers and we found out they had strep. I got 3/4 a day Monday to take them to urgent care and all and then the Mr. took off Tuesday to stay home with them. 

Everyone was back to school on Veteran's Day and we dressed in our red white and blue for our Grandpa's and all the other veterans! But then Tucker spiked a 103 fever that afternoon and he tested positive for Step that day! 

Livi wasn't wanting to go to school on Thursday so she stayed home with the Mr. and Tucker! :) 

EK went to school by herself on Thursday! Brave little girl! She missed sister a lot though! She requested to sit in her seat on the way home! 
This sweet student of mine made me super cool turkey glasses! :) 

So Friday we thought everyone would be good to go back to school. Well Tucker had a 102 fever at 5:30 when we woke up so we called G in a panic and she got in her car and came as fast as she could! She spent the day with TJH and did some things around our house for us! We love you G!

Silly fun after bath time with G Mama!

So this past weekend we stayed home and rested and played low! 

We all went back to school on Monday! But Monday afternoon TJH "threw up" we think it was more of spit up from congestion but he couldn't go back to school for 24 hours so I stayed home with him on Tuesday! We had a super fun day! He helped make breakfast and decorated some more for Christmas! He never "threw up" again and never had a fever! But boy, did I enjoy my time with him! :) 

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