Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TJH_3 Year Update

Tucker John you're 3!!

Dear TJH,

Goodness, where do I begin?! You are the BEST little or should I say BIG boy! You are growing into a handsome, smart, funny and very loving boy! 

Here are some things about you at 3 years old! (We will get stats next week!)
-You love waffles for breakfast and of course the occasional donut. :)
-You love to play with trains, cars and airplanes. O, and dump trucks!
-Reading is still a big priority to you! You enjoy Curious George books, If you Give a Mouse A Cookie books, and books about dogs, trucks and ABC's. You also enjoy "reading" to us and the girls.
-You can sing your ABC's and count to 30ish. You can recognize a lot of letters and you can spell your first name. You know your colors, animals with sounds, and love love to sing!!
-Some of your favorite shows are: Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger, and Thomas the Train.
-Eating is still hit or miss with LOVE fruit!! You'll at least try everything but you are still pretty  set on what you like to eat...pj&j's, chicken nuggets, soup, grilled cheese, and cereal! ha!
-Playing outside is always a go for you! You love to go on walks, ride your scooter or bike, or play with the pups.
-You take one 2-3 hour nap a day. You sleep 11-13 hours every night. Sleeping is still great for you, and you're sleeping in a Queen bed and doing great with it.
-You're the BEST big brother! You enjoy playing tag with your sisters and you're super careful with them. You enjoy building blocks with them too. You don't really like when they touch your trains or train tracks but other than that you're SUPER sweet to them. You also enjoy going in in the mornings to wake them up. And bath time is a blast with all three of you together!
-You only have to sit in time out every once in a while and it's usually just for not listening.
-You help us feed the dogs and put the clothes in the dryer. You love to bake and help with things in the kitchen.
-You are pretty funny! :) You love to make up silly names for family members and you laugh so hard whenever you come up with one.
-You are still so sweet and loving. You are always up from some hugs and cuddles. :)

Tucker, we love you SO very much! You are so pleasant to be around and we love being your parents. We cannot wait to see the great young boy you're going to become. Always remember that we love and believe in you.

Happy 3rd Birthday baby boy!


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