Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow...RAIN Day!

We had early dismissal yesterday because of the BIG winter storm coming...well we saw some parts of it! We had some sleet, hail, rain and a tiny bit of snow! The kids school closed early too. We got off work, got the kids and headed home. And waited for the BIG storm...well we got all kinds of things from the storm but nothing big! 

The girls liked looking at the snow coming down. It just wasn't cold enough for it to stick. 

After we put the girls to bed we took TJH out when it was snowing. He LOVED it! Made me sad that it didn't actually stick. He did enjoy the little slush that was outside for him to play with. 

We are out of school was supposed to do more overnight but it didn't. But better be safe than sorry. We are home with just some cold wet ice. O well, I'll take a day at home with my family!! :) 

We did some indoor sledding this morning to entertain the kiddos! 

Okay, come on Spring!!!

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