Friday, July 24, 2015

New Classroom!

I am SO excited about the new school year! New school, new teammates, and new students! WHOOP!

I'm already in love with my new school! Every. single. person. has been SO nice and welcoming and always offering to help!

I officially went back to work Thursday and Friday for "new" teacher orientation at my school and then for the district. But I went ahead and started on Monday...I need to unpack my entire classroom and set up shop! 

When I walked in everything was on one side!I forgot to take a picture when I first started...but here are most of the boxes on desk and nothing on the walls yet! 
I'm not done but here is what I've done so far! :) 

This part of the room is my favorite right how my white board turned out so far! I still need to add a place for EQ's. 

I'm going to stick with this desk arrangement for right now and then me and the kiddos may change it! 

And on that far wall is the student work area! 

I don't have my teacher computer yet so I can't use my board yet. But I set up my desk area. 

I'll post more pictures as I add more!

I start pre-planning Monday and I can't wait to meet the whole faculty and staff!

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