Friday, July 17, 2015


We have a new home!

We started this whole process back in January. We had talked a little about moving because we were out growing our home. But we didn't know it would be this soon...but the Mr. heard about a new neighborhood near his school. We actually did our first ride by back in December coming back home from PTC. We liked the location a lot. 

We had a couple things we really wanted in a new home...
more land
more rooms 
good location
good schools

We are blessed to have all four of those!

We got to choose all of things for our new home....from flooring to appliances to outside appearance to physical changes to the home. We changed a few things to the actual house plan. 
We had the garage turned...we didn't want that to be at the front of our new home. 

We did NO carpet on the first level of the home...we learned SUPER fast in our last home about carpet on the main floor. We do have carpet upstairs. 

Siding color...we weren't too excited about doing siding because our last home was brick. But it turned out pretty.

Granite countertops 

Bathroom floors and cabinets

We picked everything out at the beginning of February. 

We loved the whole building process...we would go and take pictures all the time. 

They didn't break ground until the beginning of April because of all the rain we had in February and March. But this ended up being okay because we were trying to sell our current home at the same time. 

And we had our first dinner at our house on April 28th with the foundation poured!

By May 2nd we had a first floor and part of a 2nd floor! It's amazing our quick things got once they cleared the lot! 

 Mr and TJH in the fire place

Front view

First family photo at our new home...May 2, 2015

Back view

Our sweet new neighbor would send us updates since she was right next door and we weren't close enough to come by everyday. 

May 4th

Pa flew up in his plane to see the house on May 16th and the siding was done! :) 

Back of the house...TJH and Pa

fire place

Siding done but no stain on porch yet. 

June 7...sod delivered!

Stain done on the porch

June 8th

Girls looking out their window!

We will be adding sod to the rest of the front yard. 

June 22...most everything is done and in...'s not blue...that's just the film. :)

Dining Room 

Kitchen looking into eating area 

Front Door

Upstairs carpet 

kids bathroom 

Living room floor

Living room looking into eating area

We signed and closed on June 30th! And started moving in that day! 
Our new home!! We are so excited about all the memories that will be made in our new home! 

We unpacked this huge truck with a couple of friends and my dad. And since that day we have been setting up our house! We have lots we want to do with the yard and decorating but of course that takes time and money so we are having fun doing it slowly! ;) 

I've been very cautious about hanging stuff because I want to make sure I really want it there and all...but we did hang this in the foyer! 

The playroom was one of the very first rooms set up after the kitchen of course. The kids LOVE it! And we love that their toys are in there and not in our living room. They actually enjoy playing in there. :) We will add paint and rug soon! O and our blinds will be installed at the end of the month! 

One thing the Mr. really wanted at this house was a was just completed yesterday and we LOVE it!!! 

Double gate so if we needed to get into our back yard with a trailer or something. 

The Mr is dying to get his hands on our yard. :) He's already done a lot in the back.

 I will update with more pictures of the yard and house as we do things! :) 

We are so excited to be in our new home! 
Thank you to our friends and family for praying of us, helping us move, and supporting us as we moved our family of 5 into our new home!

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