Saturday, July 25, 2015

Busy week with no pics!

 I usually take tons of pictures but I was super busy with setting up my new classroom so my pictures slacked this week. 

The Mr. and TJH headed to PTC on Sunday to see his cousin and his family. G and Aunt B taught Tucker how to play Hi Ho Cheery-O! He beat both of them!

The kiddos started back at school this week too and so every evening they have been super tired! Monday evening the girls requested milk and "baby" (Baby Einstein) after bath time! 

All summer I've missed these two ladies! We finally got together for dinner! We spent 3 hours talking and catching up. I am going to miss seeing theses two ladies this year so much! 

We had a great week! The Mr. did a TON to our yard! And it looks amazing! I'll do a post on that soon! We also got our new dryer so we are back in business with doing laundry! 

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