Monday, July 20, 2015

Last weekend of "summer"!

What?! It can't be! Well the Mr officially goes back to work next Monday but I go back this Thursday since I'm a "new teacher" to the county. But I have to set up my entire classroom so work starts today! :) It's not a sad thing...I'm actually really excited about my school year!

We had a very full fun weekend! 

We headed to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. A lot of people asked if we would still go since we don't live in Athens anymore...of course! It's not too far of a drive and it's something that's super fun for our family! :) 
First stop...blueberry scones! 

Next stop...Journey Juice! 

Listening to the music! 

Love the girls carrying the bags! :) 

Had to get a pic of all three of my kiddos with my Twin Mama+1 shirt! 

Later in the afternoon Grandma R came for a visit! 

The kiddos loved seeing and playing with her! 

The Mr. cooked a super yummy dinner for all of us! L and her boyfriend C were here for the weekend too so it was fun to hang out with them! 

Saturday night while we were outside with everyone Lucy got hurt. We thought she might have broken her leg but after visiting the emergency vet we found out she just had a bad fall. The vet gave her some meds for swelling and pain. She didn't walk at all Saturday night. It was pretty scary. But we are so thankful she didn't break anything. 

Sunday morning we met J and T for Waffle House...we met at a new location closer to our new home. :) 

Livi was checking on Lucy...she has to be confined for 4 days. 

The girls are having a super hard time taking naps in their new room/beds. We went ahead and did their toddler beds when we moved in. At night they are perfect and go right to sleep. But nap time is a whole different story....they trash their room and never sleep. This was Sunday...

We had a great weekend filled with lots of family and fun! 

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