Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We are here.
We are alive.
We are well.
We are happy.

I'm having major trouble with my memory on my Mac...going to get it fixed this week. That is the reason why I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. Ugh. I hate that I haven't updated but I don't like blogging without pictures. 

Praying they can fix my computer and I can be back to blogging regularly again!

We are so excited that Summer starts this afternoon for all of us! We cannot wait to have the summer together! No moving this summer and we are hitting the beach this summer again! WHOOP!

Few updates:
Tucker loved t-ball and will play again in the fall!
The girls are talking like crazy and are so close it's unreal!
The Mr. has been SUPER busy making our yard amazing and growing tons of produce for us in our garden.
I have been busy coaching others on their fitness journey and changing positions at work! I"ll be teaching gifted next year! So excited!
As a family we have loved playing in our big yard, eating outside and watching old school Disney movies together! 

I promise I'll be back when I can upload pictures again!! 

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