Friday, March 25, 2016


Tucker started his first sport! I mean he did do Soccer Buddies when he was two but I wouldn't consider that a real season of a sport and he did NOT care for it! haha!

He is in LOVE with T-ball...excuse me we have to call it baseball. He will correct you in a quick second if you say T-ball! :) 

He has practice a good amount of February and enjoyed every practice! It's pretty cute to see all of these 3 and 4 year olds run around the field! 

Opening Day was the second weekend in March! We invited all the family up to see him swing that bat!

The girls were excited too! Even though EK doesn't look like it! 

He picked his number! 

I made me and the girls shirts! His fan club is big and tight!:)

The Mr. is a proud baseball Dad!

Snow cones!

Kisses and snow cones!

This is one of my very favorite students this year! Love that I get to watch him play too! 

All the family that came up for his first game! TJH loved having so many people there to watch him play! 

Boy, what a fun time! Can't wait for more of his games! I will say I love being a baseball mama for sure!

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