Saturday, March 5, 2016

Livi in the Hospital 2.0....

Monday started out like a normal day! Expect it was backwards day at school! ha! 
At 2:30pm I got a call from the kids school that Olivia had a 104 fever. I called the Mr. and he went to go get her. By the time he got to her her temp was 105 and climbing...

He took her to urgent care because our pedi couldn't see her until almost 6pm. The docs at urgent care did a flu test and a chest X-ray. The x-ray showed bilateral pneumonia...again. :(

The doc said we need to go to CHOA. So Olivia and I loaded up, stopped at the house to get some clothes and things and headed to Atlanta. We didn't have to wait too long in the ER waiting room because they had called us ahead and also sent us with our X-ray already in hand. 

They put us in a room about 7:30pm and we stayed in our ER room until 2:15am when they decided to admit her. 

The IV fluids and breathing treatment in the ER room did nothing to improve her fever or overall feeling. 

We got settled in our room and in bed by 3am...ugh. They came in every 45 minutes to do different things to her. Her fever was still so high. 

No smiles Tuesday morning. 

I finally did get a little smile when she was offered Fruit Loops...but she only ate about 2 bites. 

Our dear friend Amy came and stayed almost all day with us! It was such a HUGE blessing! She kept Livi happy in moments that were not fun for her, kept me company and calm, and helped me with the right questions to ask the nurses and docs! 

Her fever still was super high throughout the day on Tuesday...

Grandma R and Grandpa sent a care package! She LOVED the Minnie in the purple dress, coloring book and HUGE balloon! 

Doing anything to make her smile! 

We woke up Wednesday morning and she was still super sluggish. Her fever finally broke on Tuesday at 5pm. The next goal was getting her to drink! It took a while but she finally started to perk up and drink! 

Our nurse came in about 1:30 and said we should be able to go home and within the hour we were heading out!
Fun in the hospital lobby!

We busted out!!! The ride home wasn't too fun...she basically cried the whole time...combination of being tired, not feeling well and wanting to see everyone quick! 

I got her home, went to school and laid out sub plans, picked up her meds and then picked this up for me and Eric! ha! 

I was a little stressed at this point...I think I had kept it all in while we were in the hospital but on our way home my chest got super tight and it wasn't a good feeling! 

Thursday I stayed home with her because she was not good. She cried most of the day. But she did request a donut so after nap we had to go out because I left my computer charger in the hospital room! ugh! Thankfully my mom was able to order one at Best Buy for me to go pick up! WHEW! 

Friday my sister LK came and stayed with her 1/2 day so I could head back to work and then I took her to see our doc for a follow up!

He said her lungs were still in need of breathing treatments. He is also sending us to an allergist and a pulmonologist. But by Friday she was way more like herself!!! YAY! :) 

Our prayer now is that we can figure out what is causing her to get sick so often! 

Thank you for all the prayers, support and love while our sweet girl was so sick! 

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