Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sunny Catch UP!

Let's be honest...this weather has been amazing! Too amazing to sit down and blog!!! Boy, I'm behind! I'll do a quick catch up! :)

Let's just say that we are going to have the BEST summer because we have SO enjoyed our spring playing outside!!

One evening for T's one on one time we just played outside and he fell in LOVE with picking weeds! ha! :) I swore that I would NEVER have my kids pick weeds because I was forced to do it as a kid and I hated it...well this kids loves it! 

Caught this BEAUTIFUL sunrise on the way to work one morning...such a great reminder from God! 

One of my sweet friends and I were twins at work one day! :) 

We have such a sweet boy on our hands! 

We had our annual Book Fiesta at school! 

We had another yard sale to get rid of stuff we don't need anymore! We didn't make too much but guess what...the stuff is GONE! :) 

L came by our yard sale and T had a blast with her! We can't wait for summer days at her new home! :) 

We stopped by the Mr's school garden to water it this past weekend!

The Mr. is going to have a lot of little gardeners...they loved helping!  

When we went to leave the garden this pulled up and TJH got so excited!!! The sweet guy that owned it let T sit on it and he got so excited! 

We've been enjoying the Slip n' Slide that M and J gave TJH for his birthday! 

This sweet boy always wants to help us. He LOVES his sisters! 

C and LK came to visit for the weekend and spent some QT with our babies...they loved it! 

Lovin' the different way we take 3 kids to the store! 

Livi has another ear infection...both girls will be going to the ENT next week to discuss what we need to do. 

Love this girl and her fun spirit! 

So thankful for M keeping OCH while we worked...she just LOVED her time with M! 

We've been busy but good!

I have another post about our NEW house coming up! :) 

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