Monday, January 19, 2015

Sickness and Happiness

Whew, last week was rough! The week started out with the Mr. getting the stomach bug Sunday night. Then I got it Monday  night. Thankfully this time is was a super fast one! I felt better by mid morning Tuesday. Then Tuesday afternoon the kids school called to tell us EK had a 102 fever. I went ahead and called their doc to get an appointment on Wednesday. They can't go back to school unless they have a doc note. When  the girls woke up on Wednesday the both had high fevers!!! 

I stayed home with the girls on Wednesday and took them to the doc. They both had ear infections. One had the right ear and one had the left ear! Overall they both were in good spirits. We played a bit in the morning. I tried laying them down after we got home from the doc but the antibiotics messed them up. Sleep and lots of poop. :( 

We thought the meds might kick the fever and make them feel better but they had SUPER high fevers at 3 am on Thursday morning. So I went ahead and called in for another day. I called their doc too because they had so much diarrhea from the meds. :( We started them on a probiotic to help with that. We had to make a run to the store for more meds. They were good little sports! :) 

By Thursday afternoon they both still had fevers. I had missed 3 days of work and just couldn't miss anymore. We called GMama to come to the rescue. She came in late Thursday night so I could go back to work. 

I took Livi back to the doc on Friday afternoon because she still had a pretty high fever. Their doc changed both of their meds. GMama went back home Friday evening. The kiddos were so excited to see their G! 

Saturday morning was good. The girls woke up with just low-grade fevers! TJH had 2 birthday parties to attend so we party hopped and Daddy stayed at home with the girls. 

Sunday we played at home! Daddy went to the library for a couple of hours to lesson plan.We played outside for was beautiful!  And then we did the bon fire with K! 

(Please excuse the wreath!) 

We got all the sickness gone! Thank goodness! We are ready for a week of school and fun! We were glad to have some pretty weather to end our weekend! 

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