Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mommy Club

Motherhood is hard. Let's be real. It's hard hard work. But it's the best work us women will EVER do! 

I am a mommy. I have been for almost 3 years...well a little more than that if you count carrying my first child. To say I've enjoyed every second would be a lie. But I will say that I've enjoyed about 99% of it.  I am NOT the best mom out there and don't even come close to some of the mothers I've met in my life. But I will say I learn something from every mother I meet. Some things I learn I keep in my back pocket for later use and some things I think to myself...I am going to pray that I never do that. 

Just in the past week I've had 4 encounters of either Facebook messages, texts or emails asking for advice about different things having to do with being a mommy. And please don't think for one second that I'm bragging. I'm just trying to get my point across...we are all in this together! No mama can do it alone! (Yes, I even have moments where I think I CAN DO IT all by myself...but then something happens 2 minutes later to tell me No!) We can't do anything of this without our Father. He's put us in these positions of motherhood for a reason. He's places people around us to support and love us. 

Some mama's are really good at certain things and we should ask their advice. Some mama's just need a nice text or email saying their doing a good job. But all of us mama's need to be easier on ourselves and trust in the Lord. And sometimes that's harder than it seems. But I have to constantly remind myself to step back and let the Lord take control. So, don't worry about the laundry, the messy house, the dishwasher that hasn't been unloaded...give yourself credit for the fact that your children are LOVED by you and you are showing them their Father's love daily. 

And let's be nice to each other mama's...we are in the awesome club together! :) 

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