Sunday, January 4, 2015

Last Weekend of Break!

This weekend has been great!

Friday we took the kids to "school" so we could get some major organizing done! I spent 3 hours in the kids closets organizing all the clothes they have outgrown and putting away new clothes. The Mr. organized his closet, touched up paint in our room, and put away all of the Christmas! It was a great day of getting stuff done that we can't and don't want to do with the kiddos home. They loved seeing their teachers and it was good for them to get back into the routine of things. 

We are going to use the Mr.'s old iPhone as an incentive for TJH to start using the potty...yes,we are a month away from his 3rd birthday and he's not potty trained....ugh. 

Saturday was rainy again...we've had A LOT of rain over break! We played at home and the Mr. made some super yummy jambalya with shrimp, chicken and andouille. 

EK found TJH's construction vest and wanted to wear it all day! It was so cute...the Mr. and I called her Bertha most of the day! :) 

M came over to see us and the kids since they had just gotten back from FL. We sure did miss her and J!

Then Saturday night I picked up my sister K and we went and saw Annie...such a GOOD movie! I loved it!!! I'm a sucker for musicals and this one was redone perfectly! 

Sunday started out with a yummy breakfast with J and T! We like to meet up at Waffle House about once a month to catch up and also for the boys to see each other! :)

Then we played more and then hit up the YMCA pool for some fun! We had to do something active since it's been raining for days!

Livi loves Elmo and I found T's old Elmo shirt and thought she would love to wear it! Then we found a pic of TJH in it and put them side by side...T is 18 months old and OCH is almost 16 months. 

M with EK in the pool! The kids enjoyed it a lot! 

T and Daddy were playing with EK and O's babies after they went to bed. Daddy hasn't lost his swaddling skills and TJH is a great babysitter! ;)

Everything is laid out for school tomorrow...can't believe break is over! But not much longer and it will be summer break! WHOOP! 

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