Monday, January 26, 2015

EK&O movin' on up!

When the girls started school in November they began in the room that is called "Walkers"! Olivia was officially walking but EK wasn't. We wanted them together of course so they started together in that room.

We fell in LOVE with their teachers! Three VERY sweet ladies that made the big transition to school so smooth! Every afternoon they would share funny stories of the girls and you can just tell how much they love and care for the girls! 

At the beginning of January they started to mentioned that the girls would be moving up because they had passed all the "tests" for the next class. This started to make me panic! ha! But I knew it was what they needed. They had already learned so much in their current room.

Well, last week they started the transition to the next room..."Trainers"! I love how they do the transition at their school. Monday-Wednesday they went to the new room from 2-until I picked them up. And then Thursday and Friday they went to the new room from 9-3. Something super surprising happened...they said that Olivia took it so well...and was super independent! But EK wanted to be held and cried a lot. My MIL mentioned that that just shows who deals with change better. Livi is our soft soul girl and I thought it would have been super hard for her. Because EK is more independent at home I thought she would deal with the change okay. 

Some of the big changes in their new room are: sleeping on mats!! They slept in cribs in their other room. They sit a tables!!! They sat in highchair in their other room. And they will drink from cups!! One big plus for their new room is they can have their blankies now for nap time! I feel as though they will sleep so much better in their new room because of that! And the whole room takes a nap at the same time! Both days that they had nap in the new room they both slept 1 hr 30min-1hr 45 min! 

Today is their first official day all day in their new room! 
I hope they learn so much more and enjoy their new teachers!! 

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