Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to Reality

We all had a great week back at school! The kids were excited to see their friends and teacher. And the Mr. and I were excited to see our teacher friends and students. 

It has rained SO much here and finally it wasn't raining on Monday and it wasn't too cold so we went outside for 10 minutes when we got home from school! 

TJH had some bubbles to blow!

Tuesday the girls had their 15 month well visit...I'll blog more about that later but they are super healthy and have the same EXACT stats!! 

Ethel also got groomed on Tuesday! She looks so cute, she needed it bad!!

Our afternoons/evenings can get hectic. They kids are SO hungry and tired when I pick them up from school. So after I get the girls to bed I try to spend some quality time with TJH. Sometimes it's whatever he chooses, maybe reading, playing cars, or baking! :) We made muffins and I got the simple ones that you just add the milk so he could do it all! He LOVED it and he was super proud the next morning to share his muffins with his sisters!

It got SO cold Wednesday night/Thursday morning. When I loaded the kids up Thursday morning it was 13 degrees!

The girls and I all wore our vests and TJH wore a super warm sweater! 

And then we put our big jackets on too! :) 

The big question every Friday at school amongst teacher friends is" What are y'all doing this weekend?" I always love hearing what everyone is doing with their families. We do have busy weekends but my favorite weekends are spent at home playing... and that's exactly what we did this weekend! 

We played all day Saturday and then Saturday night we had J and M over for dinner and they brought over their new fire pit and we had a fire. It was super fun! 

Today is filled with more playing, the Mr. going to do lesson planning and prepping for busy week ahead! :) 

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