Friday, October 10, 2014


Well hello there!

I'm so sorry I've been MIA...things have been so busy around here and my little blog has been in the backseat. Well, really the WAY backseat! 

We are all alive and well over here in Hammar-land!

Fall is in full swing and we are enjoying the weather and are looking forward to the upcoming fall activities! 

Since I last updated this is what's been going on:

Olivia is walking everywhere but also is pretty she has lots of bumps and bruises. :) 

I helped throw a fun baby shower for one of the FOUR....L is the last of us to have a baby...and we are SO very excited! They don't know what they are having so it makes the suspense even more intesnse.  We had a little spend the night party the night before and I just loved being with my best friends! I needed some girl time!

Last weekend we headed to PTC to see some family. The Mr.'s cousins from Cali were in town and we just love seeing them! J is 6 months younger than TJH. They are so cute together! We enjoyed doing our normal PTC things with them during the weekend. We had breakfast with my  mom and sisters and that was fun too! 

The Mr. has this whole week off this week for his Fall Break. The kids and I  have loved him being home! 

TJH is still obsessed with Curious George and trains! :) He loves going to the library each week with the Mr. to check out new George books. 

EK has taken a few solo steps but isn't full out walking yet.

The Mr. had fall break this week so he had the whole week off...he spent 1/2 of his week with the kiddos and 1/2 working and getting stuff done with our cars and house.

We are looking forward to another fun weekend! 

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