Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday morning Tucker asked to hold the girls...this is a normal occurrence during the day. He will ask to hold them by putting his hands out like he's going to pick them up. We always let him hold them if they aren't eating. We always encourage him by saying things like, "What a great big brother!" "Such a sweet boy!" and give lots of praise. Well this time when he was holding Olivia he asked for Emma Kate too. So we propped him up with both girls. As soon as both girls were on his lap he said, "TWO!"  It was so clear! And so sweet! Yes, sweet boy you have TWO sisters! 

These little girls are so lucky to have such a fun, loving, smart big brother! 


  1. Isn't it crazy what they are learning even from a day to day basis? SO cute!!

  2. I can't even take it! That is so adorable and so smart!