Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I am loving this colder weather! :) The girls got to wear their little sweaters that my mom made them yesterday. Not the best pics of them, but you can see how cute the sweaters are on them! :) 

Tuck some how got Hand Foot Mouth virus...we didn't know he had it until Saturday morning. We thought it was just some bug bites but then it got way worse and appeared on his hands, legs, feet and a couple on his nose/mouth area. We disinfected our entire house this weekend top to bottom. We kept the girls upstairs for about three days and kept Tuck in his room or downstairs. He is much much better and  all the sores are almost gone. The girls haven't shown any signs of it...praying it continues that way!

I don't watch a ton of TV...I don't have much time for it and when I do have some free time when the kiddos are sleeping I'm usually blogging, making bows, or cleaning/organizing something. ha! But I do have a few shows that I love to watch. Well, I started a new one and I'm OBSESSED!!! 

I started with the recap show that they did before season 3 started a few weeks ago. Then I watched all of season 3 so far. But now I'm going back to season 1 and 2 and watching it from the beginning. I just love how the show is written. I love the suspense, but it's not scary. And of course I love the DRAMA! I'm not a fan of the first lady, and I can't figure out Olivia yet...ha! But I do know that I LOVE the show!!

So I know my official return to work date. :( November 18th. This is two weeks earlier then originally planned. But we found out quickly that short term disability is a complete joke. I'm not happy about this at all, but I do have the holiday breaks to look forward to. I'm just super worried about returning to work with how Emma Kate is doing. Colic sucks....

I'm going to do a whole post on colic and what's been going on with EK. We've had a lot of supportive friends who have dealt with a colic child pass along tips and we are open for any and all suggestions. But I'm going to do a whole post soon. 

Life with three kiddos is starting to feel normal and have some sort of routine. Of course with children nothing is too predicable. Tuck has adjusted well but like all normal kids still has his moments. I've enjoyed that all three are different little people and I have special bonds with all three.  I thought it would be impossible to love three children when we first found out we were having twins, but I was so wrong. I love them so much it hurts. Tucker is still my original baby and will always have a special place as the first born. And there is something special about a Mommy and her baby boy! :) And of course the girls are super special too, just in a different way. Being a girl mommy is so much fun! :) I don't want time to fly by but I can't wait to see how the girls personalities form. 

The Mr. and I are wonderful too, of course there are moments that are tense when all three kiddos need us at the same time. But we are still making time for us and doing the things we enjoyed before we had three kiddos. No, there isn't a lot of time for us. But we are able to squeeze in a TV show here and there or sit down and eat dinner together(we may have babies in our arms). I know when the girls are a little bit older and aren't needing me every 2-3 hours we will be able to get away and have a date. :) 

With all of this said, we are blessed. And I thank the Lord everyday for this beautiful life I'm living! 

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