Thursday, October 3, 2013

TJH Update :)

TJH has done really well with the transition of being an only child to being a BIG brother! :)

He hasn't shown any negative behavior towards them. He wants to hold them, kiss them, and get them out of their carseats. 

And he likes to take their bows off! ha!

I think he grew a foot since the girls have been born. He's so much taller and heavier.

He's learning how to say...GO DAWGS!! SIC EM'!!!!

He's loved being outside in this nice weather...who am I kidding...he loves being outside all the time! 

We will be going to the park way more often...this boy LOVED running around the park and going down the slides!

Dancing to Justin Timberlake's new cd! 

This boy is so much fun! 


  1. Sweet Tucker!

    It really does seem like he has just GROWN up in the past couple weeks!!

  2. He is so sweet. He has the cutest nose!!!