Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 So What Wednesday
 So What Wednesdays! 
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Here is what I'm saying So What to this week:
So What If ...
  • I'm behind on my TV shows...I need to catch up...
  • I love that I can do TJH's nighttime routine's been so fun to actually give him a bath, get him ready for bed, read, pray and sing him to sleep! :)
  • I got SO excited when I realized I could have tuna for lunch last week! WHOOP! 
  • I'm so excited that the next time my mom comes up we are making all three kids Halloween costumes! (This is a big deal because she can sew anything but doesn't really like to make costumes...but these will be so fun and cute!)
  •  I've really missed blogging...I told myself I really do need to make time for it at least every other's a happy of mine! 
  • I'm running low on candy corn...this is a huge deal...ha!
  • I cannot believe it's already October! 
  • I like the new update on the iPhone...I know there are lots of complaints...but I've liked it so far!

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