Friday, October 18, 2013

Mid Week Grandparent Visit!

Wednesday GMama and Grandpa stopped for a quick day visit. They were on their way back from driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway. They had a great trip and ended it with seeing all of us!
The pups were very excited to see Grandpa. And wanted a bite of his chicken lunch! :)

G and Grandpa offered to watch all three kiddos so that the Mr. and I could go on a date! WHOOP! We were so excited! We headed out to see a movie. We went and saw Gravity. The Mr. picked. It wasn't the best movie, but what I enjoyed more what the alone time we got! Even just the ten minute drive where we could talk and listen to our music! ha! :) Thanks GMama and Grandpa! 

Tuck was taking a nap when they arrived, so he was SO excited when Grandpa got him out of his crib! They read lots of books and played!

The pups enjoyed taking a nap with Grandpa too! 

G loved on the girls a lot!

When we got home from the movies, we all loaded up and went to the park! 

The girls love being outside and riding in their stroller! 

TJH loved sliding with GMama!


3 generations! 

I loved this picture I got...these two people make my son very happy!

Giving Grandpa kisses!

Lots of laughs!

GMama gave TJH a bath before leaving down. We were so glad to see them. :) 

My children are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents! 

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