Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy ONE Month EKH & OCH


Stats for EKH:
Weight: 7lbs 14oz
Height: 19 1/4 inches
Clothes: Newborn
Size of Diaper: Newborn
Daily Routine: You nurse about every 2-3 hours during the day. You get a bottle of breast milk before bed so we know exactly how much you are getting to ensure a good stretch of sleep. Once we get you to sleep in the evenings you sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours in a row! :) You do scream a lot. :( We have tried a lot of different things to calm you. But you still scream a lot. Your acid reflux medicine is working, you haven't had any acid come from your nose and you don't spit up hardly at all. You are swaddled for sleeping and you love that. You like bath time, but you aren't a big fan of your hair getting washed. Doc confirmed that you are's a tricky thing..we just have to let you grow out of it. 
Milestones: You are more awake during the day...your eyes are just so big and pretty! We love when you are looking around. :) You don't enjoy tummy time too much. But you have a very strong neck.

(She had just been fed and was dry...this is just a colic baby...)

Stats for OCH:
Weight: 8lbs 8oz
Height: 20 1/2 inches
Clothes: Newborn
Size of Diaper: Newborn
Daily Routine: You nurse every 2-3 hours during the day. You cluster feed in the late afternoon/evenings. You sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours a night in a row. You LOVE bath just look around and are so calm. :)
Milestones: You are more awake during the day. You love when we sit and talk to you. You don't enjoy tummy time too much, but you will do it for a few minutes.

Big brother wanted to join in the picture fun! :)

(Tuck and his mini me!)

Girls, it's been a wonderful first month with you two sweet things! Your big brother loves you so much...he asks to hold both of y'all everyday. And you both love when he's talking to you or near stop and look around and look at him. :) You've had a lot of special family and friends come to meet and visit you two. We cannot believe it's already been a month with you in our lives...we are so blessed. Mommy, Daddy and Tucker love you so very much!

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  1. Their monthly stickers are so cute! I love them!