Monday, October 28, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 6

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

What a wonderful week!

It started out like it has since you girls were born...we headed to Bundles of Joy! You girls are just growing so much!

Olivia-10lbs exactly :)
Emma Kate-8lbs 11oz

Not the best pictures of you girls, but you had your sweaters on that Honey made you! They fit you girls perfectly! :)

TJH loves to help you girls when you lose your passy or need a blanket. :)

You girls love bath time! Sometimes you will cry but most nights you really enjoy the warm water! 

Daddy put yall in the swing both went in and out of sleep. 

Olivia, you really enjoy playtime! And you really like it when your big brother joins you!

You girls looked so cute in your Hanna Andersson pjs that Grandma R gave you girls!

This is my favorite picture so far since you girls were born...TJH asked to hold both of you and then he said "Two!" Sweet boy! You girls are so blessed to have such a loving big brother!

We went to the park this week and you girls loved riding around! 

Snuggle time is a favorite for both of you girls! 

Emma Kate, your pup Ethel loves you so much! She checks on you when you are screaming. 

Your big brother painted a pumpkin so you girls of course had to wear your cute Halloween outfits! :)

Mommy was at the doc this week and you girls were at home with Daddy and TJH. Daddy was making TJH lunch. Olivia you lost your passy and your sweet brother came and put it back in for you! :) 

You girls don't sleep together but we try to put yall together as much as possible during the day. 

Such cuties!

I love that yall both have your hands up the same exact way! :) Future cheerleaders?!

Saturday you girls attended your first birthday party! Yall had so much fun! EK, you did scream most of the time, but it's okay. 

WRG was closing her ear because you were screaming so loud. 

EK you were screaming and TJH wanted to hold you. We thought you might stop crying, but you didn't. But we got some cute pictures of you three! :)

EK, we are so sad you are colic. It's so hard to help you...we have tried so many things. We are just patiently waiting for you to grow out of it. Olivia, you are very laid back. We love you both so much and are enjoying watching your personalities come out.

Your big brother like to say "O" to say your sweet name Olivia! :)

Sunday morning was a great morning for you Miss EK you smiled of the first time!!! We were so happy to see you smile! And then you continued to have a calm morning! 

Mommy went to a baby shower for a little bit on Sunday and Daddy had all three of you guys! Grandma R and Grandpa came for quick visit! 

Then we had a really rough evening with you EK...the only thing that would calm you for a few minutes was the bath. 

Another wonderful week with you two sweet girls! We are learning so much about you and loving you so very much!!

We love you girls so much!

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