Monday, October 14, 2013

EKH & OCH Week 4

Dear Emma Kate and Olivia,

Mommy cannot believe you are already 1 month old! Such big girls!

We had a great week! Lots of snuggles, love, and crying. :) 

EK you are so cool! :) Loved that I captured this moment...just chillin'! :)

You girls have the BEST big brother ever! He loves to hold you, even when you're screaming. 

This is what mommy calls multi tasking! :)

You girls had your one month appointment this week! EK you loved looking around the room and Olivia wasn't too happy about being undressed and cold. 

We had our first monthly photo shoot...Olivia you just let Mommy takes tons of pictures...EK you had just been fed and were dry but you weren't happy. :( But I thought I should still document it. 

Daddy mowed the lawn and we all hung out inside...TJH was snuggling up with us on the couch. ;)

EK, you have been going to the chiropractor for your colic, sleeping and your sweet little head. You love going to see Dr. don't even cry while he adjust you. 

Olivia, you love to look around and smile in the mornings. :)

EK, you sleep in the funniest positions...Dr. G said it's because of your position when you were in my tummy. 

O, your Aunt LK got this super cute picture of you! 

We try to get some pics of yall together but it seems like one of you is crying in those pictures...still cute though!

Honey came to town and we went shopping!

O, you always seem to blow bubbles when you are sleeping! :)

Yall both looked so cute in your dresses that Honey made you with your BIG bows!

We celebrated Aunt K's birthday, so you girls wore your kitty/Halloween outfits because Aunt K loves cats! :)

Aunt LK spent time with us during the weekend and we went on a couple of walks! 

We love your cute Minnie pjs that our friends S and S gave you girls!

We had a great week! Mommy cut dairy out of her diet to see if that would help EK with her colic. But Dr. G said he thinks it's just colic and not a food allergy. You girls had good nights of sleep this week too. Long stretches, which Mommy loves! :) Slow down baby're growing too fast!!

We love you EKH and OCH!

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